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These quotes are from 8th grade social studies students in Medina, Ohio.


The History of Medina (County) was shown to 150 eighth grade social studies students. After watching the program, here are some of their thoughts. This program made them think about their community in a totally different way.

"There is a lesson. The lesson is that to make a community work, everyone has to contribute a little and in the process you need to help others." Girl.

"Your local history could inspire you to do something you never would have thought about. It also teaches you to be grateful for everything you have because people may not be as fortunate as you." Girl

"Learning about the history of where I live was a very important thing. It showed me that no matter where you live and no matter how small it is you can still help in your community and what we do can effect anyone in America." Girl

"The people are the life blood. Community must be good to help the people. The city must be successful to make the community good. The country must be free to help the city be successful." Boy

"This video taught me that many people made this country the way it is and I need to help to keep it nice. It taught me we came a long way to get this far." Boy

"Learning takes dedication and risk. This video helped me learn that, and also to never give up and keep trying and soon you will succeed." Boy

"It teaches me that no matter how small your roots are, if you have enough determination, you can really do anything you want." Boy

"My students really enjoyed learning their local history. I liked the way you produced it, I didn't expect it to look like that. Great job." Teacher, Wadsworth Middle School


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