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Products and Services

We can either make it for you, or help you produce it yourself.


Maybe you have access to your own "production team" and you have enough interested people to produce your own local history.  We can save you a ton of time and money and enhance your own production.  We "interpret" local history as a "pride of place" and "economic development" piece.  Others may interpret your local history entirely different. 

We provide project consultation based on a proven model, help with script development, provide historical footage specific to your locale and character actors to play the part of community leaders of your city's past. Consultation includes funding ideas, finding production resources and implementation of the program.

Or, we produce it for you.

We produce a local history video and a teachers guide. The guide is designed to cover things not in the movie and to encourage kids to interact with the local historical society.  We can detail a plan of action and provide you with a turn key program.  

This sample further shows the content and direction we take when approaching our programs.  The lesson here is patriotism and commitment to country.


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