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How we do it.

Our Approach:

Your local historians are an invaluable resource and their knowledge is often underutilized. We combine local historians, entreprenuers and figures from the past to create stories with dramatic results.

 We work with the social studies teachers to develop discussion questions and a closer educational relationship with your local historical society and their resources.

We interpret local history from two angles, "pride of place" and "economic development."  Pride of place is for kids to feel proud of their community, economic development simply means to inspire kids to do great things with their life.  Dream, and pursue those dreams and believe you can accomplish them, as others have in your hometown.  Tom Murdough started a company called Little Tikes, which made playground equipment and was sold all over the world.  He started it from his garage and his message for success is directed to all those young kids wondering what to do with their lives. 

Here's another sample that demonstrates character building and the importance of giving back to one's community.


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