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About Us

We are Mike Milkovich and Nick DeTomaso. We have been in the production business for a combined 60 + years. Knowing the technique of making movies is one thing...knowing how to motivate kids to love their communities, to respect those that came before, and to learn to believe in themselves...that's our edge. We get it. We believe your local history should teach a message to the next generation. What's the message?

Read the testimonials and there's a hundred more just like those.  Alexis DeTouqeville said, "The greatness that is America starts in it's communities, that form the states, that form a nation..."

If you take our freedom for granted, you're part of the problem.

What we have discovered in producing local histories, the greatest teacher, motivator, role model you can find to teach our kids the greatness that is our nation, is by learning your local history. We took our decades of experience in production and made local history come to life with drama, courage, pagentry and everything your community deserves. A professional approach looking at something people take for granted and making it give a whole new meaning to "Pride of Place".

Watch as a very successful entrepreneur inspires our viewers with a message of  "anybody can do it!"


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