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"If you think you can, or, you think you can't... you're right."    Henry Ford


Why is local history important?

The most important history we can teach our kids is the only history not mandatory to learn in our schools, and that's the history of our own backyard. When students learn how your city went from zero people to the population of today, they will be changed kids.
We believe that children will be better citizens if they learn the challenges and advancements of the forefathers of their communities.

The story of your local history is the story of our true American heritage. The first settlers, the start of the community, their fears, their first triumphs, local hero's not only in wars, but business. Stories of great character and deeds, designed to teach kids of today, those pioneers and forefathers walked the same streets and created opportunities for success.

The lessons local history teaches kids are:  respect for those that came before, entrepreneurship, pride in their community, importance of education and most of all a belief in themselves and their own ability.

Please take a few moments to view this short section on David Hudson's view of Freedom and Democracy.


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